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Why Game-Based Learning Will Solve Your Training Needs




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Whilst carrying out business games, like Prepworld’s games based on emergencies and disasters, it is known that whilst at some level we know that it isn’t real, like watching a graphic or a moving film, we still respond as if it was.

In fact one of the reasons that we enjoy watching suspense movies or going on the big dipper rides, is that we can engage with those scenarios safely. We can be frightened without being in danger.

Our answer to clients is, that if the design of the game is fully developed and customised around your business and training needs and it is made as realistic an experience as possible, then it is extremely effective, more so than talk and chalk or most other methods. Your staff will be fully embroiled in problem-solving, experiencing your business challenges and improving their skills, knowledge and understanding to help your business success.

Game-based learning can be serious fun

New Orleans-based PrepWorld specializes in emergency preparedness and disaster management consultancy. The company was launched by entrepreneur Kenneth Bibbins a couple years ago in response to the increase in the frequency of disasters that disproportionately affects youth and teens and the lack of educational material for that vulnerable population.

PrepWorld is the creator of educational gamification emergency preparedness app PrepBiz, which teaches kids, teens, and adults how to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, emergencies and hazardous incidents.

Bibbins is working with Phaedra Boinodiris, a lead strategist at IBM, to leverage their Watson tools to develop a trauma informed game-based learning tools to educate K-12 students on disaster literacy.

The PrepBiz IBM Watson enabled learning tools are designed to “ameliorate traumas youth faced due to other adverse childhood experiences by building resilience, greater confidence, greater self-esteem and greater psychological awareness through serious game play resulting in youth empowerment,” shared Bibbins.

“Game-based learning have been proven to offer therapeutic value while allowing the end user to disconnect from the ongoing trauma that prevents them from learning while teaching them coping skills resulting in resilience and empowerment to regain control of their lives and to move forward in positive measurable ways,” said Bibbins.

Bibbins is also one of the entrepreneurs exhibiting at the Collision Conference in May and was selected as a semi-finalist for The Big Idea at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.


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