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Boehringer Ingelheim – Interactive Clinical Case




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Client Brief

Pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim asked Green Hat People update the format and dynamics of their Aproxima Meetings. Aproxima meetings consist of five regional meetings focused on the treatment of chronic patients. They are attended by an average of 600 primary care physicians in five Spanish cities.

Specifically, Boehringer Ingelheim wanted us to create an interactive experience to reinforce the knowledge acquired in the morning session by the primary care physicians. We were asked to deliver a surprising learning activity. It had to be competitive and immersive, challenging the participants to engage in teamwork with digital support when approaching a hypothetical chronic patient.


Green Hat People created a dynamic and innovative learning experience based on collaborative work, using gamification techniques. We put together a competitive activity that enabled the doctors to update their knowledge of the care for chronic patients in an innovative, tech-driven environment. We measured the learning outcomes and obtained results in real time.

This allowed us to increase the impact of the training and strengthen the link between the participating doctors and the laboratory.

Green Hat People created «The Challenge of Dr. Paula Ruiz», an interactive clinical case where participants competed in groups of five or six doctors. The challenge related to the content presented in the morning’s scientific session. We designed and programmed a game app, which was then installed onto our digital tablets, which provided the structure of the game. It consisted of different challenges and missions that had to be resolved collaboratively by each of the groups. Some played out on the tablet. Others were found in documents and materials delivered to each team or placed in the meeting room.



The activity lasted one hour, and the team that managed to solve the clinical case the fastest and with the fewest errors won. In addition to the success of the challenge itself, this setup allowed us to extract immediate feedback from the session and set up a debrief with the most important conclusions and data in a shared learning framework. Nearly 600 Primary Care physicians participated in 5 cities. Altogether, they gave the experience an average rating of 5.4 out of 6.

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