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Zurich Insurance

Varmt välkomna att ta del av de case och lärdomar som vi har samlat på oss under åren! Vi hoppas här kunna bidra med en del inspiration.

A corporate event in the insurance industry is usually all about hard numbers and statistics – How do you shift focus towards culture and sense of purpose in a meaningful way?

Zurich Insurance asked us to create a corporate meeting for 160 delegates that was less about reporting numbers and more about what makes employees feel for the job. Presentations from stage focused on highlighting customer problems and the important role that Zurich plays in helping businesses make a difference without worrying about risk.

Focus was geared towards the real problems that clients have and how Zurich can work to solve them in the best way possible. The message was all about giving employees a greater sense of purpose and understanding the difference they make for their clients, highlighting the importance of thinking from a customer perspective.

The workshops were run both at a venue but also in cafes and restaurants across the city. Using our game Exploration Challenge, teams were sent on missions around town and breaks in the game were scheduled so that the teams could find areas to sit down and conduct the workshops.

Click to see a video testimonial here

“The day was fantastic. We got the message across in a really engaging way. The communication was two-way, the games were fantastic, everyone got really involved and I think that everyone leaves the event with a feeling that they were part of something. ” – Alan Moore, Chief Underwriting Officer at Zurich

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