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3 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement




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Companies that recognise their people as their greatest asset reap the numerous rewards of an engaged workforce. Motivated, enthusiastic, loyal, and willing to go the extra mile to contribute to business success, these employees are what stand between companies that soar and those struggling to reach their ambitions.

Unengaged employees will harm your business. They are more likely to leave, resulting in higher employee turnover, which comes with its own set of drawbacks and costs. When times are difficult, you cannot rely on the goodwill of unengaged employees. They are less likely to voluntarily invest extra time and initiative in supporting their company through a rough patch.

Employee engagement isn’t something that can be left to take care of itself. It needs regular attention and investment, or else, like a fire, it will die out. The good news is, there are plenty of ways in which businesses can be proactive in boosting employee engagement.

1. Give staff opportunities for growth

Engaged employees see a future with their company, and are looking for opportunities to develop and grow. A supportive employer who recognises this will be proactive in ensuring their employees are given such opportunities, and are encouraged to expand their knowledge and skills. This could be via training, expanding responsibilities, or a secondment opportunity to another department.

As soon as an employee feels under stimulated or underutilised, they are likely to become disengaged. Make sure that doesn’t happen by taking the time to understand their ambitions and supporting their career plans.

2. Build a stronger team

Engaged employees aren’t lone wolves; they want to feel part of something bigger. Investing in effective team building should be a priority for your company. When done well, team building works to improve communication at all levels, which is a great way to improve employee engagement. When employees feel they can contribute ideas, feedback and are listened to, they feel more engaged. Team building encourages everyone to see the bigger picture, recognising the need to work collaboratively to achieve the overall aims of the company. Using state-of-the-art technology, we motivate and empower teams from organisations of all sizes, with our innovative Team Building games. Take a look at some of our activities here.

3. Embed the Core Values properly

If your company, or your employees don’t know what you stand for, this can really harm employee engagement. Shared values create a profound emotional connection and stronger employee engagement, which has huge implications for customer service, productivity, quality, and overall success.

Having strong core values is only beneficial if your employees know what they are. This is where our engaging Core Values Implementation programme offers an effective and measurable solution to embedding your values. We combine the latest technology with gamification mechanisms to transform your company values into fun, practical methods for your employees.

Strong employee engagement cannot happen without real support from the company. It is a small investment to ensure a dedicated, engaged workforce – but the benefits are invaluable.

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