Tour of new HQ for 1000 people in 90 minutes

Skanska had just moved in to their new global head office and wanted to let all 1000 employees at the head office get a fully interactive and engaging experience of the new building in 1.5 hours.

The participants were divided into 125 teams, starting off at 5 different floors. All teams were given a tablet and at the exact same moment, all 125 teams got instructions to get moving. The teams spent 11 minutes on each floor, exploring the surroundings through a number of fun and useful time limited missions. “Find and count the rooms in the training center”, “Take a picture while drinking tea in the cafeteria”, “How many bikes fit in the garage?”, “What rules apply when booking meeting rooms?” etc. The missions were communicated on the tablets and were scored. Every 11 minutes everyone switched floors simultaneously, allowing 3 minutes for transportation. No bottlenecks, just focus on a fun engaging experience!

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