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Make the Onboarding/Induction day more Engaging and Interactive

NCC Housing wanted to modernize the group quarterly onboarding days and create more interaction between presenters and the audience. With participants from 8 countries, it was important that everyone not only understood the content, but were actively involved.

Our solution:
Throughout the day, we complemented the presentations with interactive group discussions using tablets. The teams were asked to repeat the message in their own words and to come up with solutions to challenges.

We also introduced a session where participants could choose freely from 8 themes and spend time discussing that.

Finally we ran a 90 minute engaging team activity before dinner with missions linking to the meeting.

The participants, especially people from Eastern European countries, really felt they understood the key messages in a better way using our methodology,

”What an energy level! You didn’t want to interrupt.”-
Jenny Lilja Lagercrantz – HR Director NCC Housing

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