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Team Activities for the 21st century

Combine Fun and Learning

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30-180 min.
5-2000 pax
£20-60 p.p.
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Energize your team using the latest technology

We develop innovative Team Building games with state-of-the-art technology to motivate and empower teams. Ideal for incentive activities, team motivation, pure fun or collaborative work.

Team Building Formats

Indoor / Outdoor  / 15 minutes to 3 hours
Icebreakers / Scavenger Hunts
Business Learning Games
Can be run anywhere and customised
12 years experience / 750,000 happy participants
We’ll call you! Book a 30 minute slot online, at a time convenient for you.button-a6bdd0-short-large.png

Green Hat Challenge

100 Scavenger Hunt Challenges - Our Top Seller! Läs mer

Escape Game: Lockdown

60 minutes of challenges and teamwork - can be played anywhere Läs mer

Music Experience

The energiser game that's all about music Läs mer

Icebreaker Game

Short energiser to boost your meeting or evening Läs mer

Exploration Challenge

Discover a city's landmarks in a totally new way Läs mer

Code Break

The high tech team building energiser Läs mer

Deadline Business Game

Experience the importance of planning and attention to detail Läs mer

Cocktail Challenge

Get into the spirit of the game Läs mer

Digital Transformation Game

Help your employees understand digitization Läs mer