Audience Engagement Take your participants from Passive Listeners to Active Contributors

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Increase your meeting ROI by focusing on what really matters – delivering the content in an efficient way.


Creating Audience Interaction is very simple
  1. Engage participants before the meeting with a web app
  2. Insert short Break Out sessions in-between presentations
  3. Use live data and dashboards to share best practice


Here's how we make a typical meeting Interactive




The building blocks

Step 1- Involve a week before with pre-meeting web apps

Increase involvement by engaging attendees prior to the event. Send a web app via text or email one week before the meeting asking for opinions. Collect data that can help the presenters.


Step 2 – Get into a positive mood with ice breakers

Let people get to know each other and get into a positive mood. Start the day with an ice breaker that encourages people to get to know each other and drop their guard.  Provide feedback from the web app to show people you value their opinions.



Step 3 - Create discussion with Breakout Sessions and Peer-2-Peer Learning

Activate your participants with Peer-2-Peer learning. Give them ownership of your topic, let them solve challenges and share knowledge in a controlled format. Collect responses and solutions and display the most useful ones publicly to share best practice in the room. Or dig deeper and take your most challenging topic and make it into an engaging Business Game.

Maximising Engagement
The best way to create engagement around your topic is to let teams of 4-6 people discuss your challenges and come up with solutions.

Peer-2-Peer Learning
In small breakout groups people tend to open up and share their opinions freely. The magic really happens when knowledge and ideas are shared.

Controlled format
The tablets make sure the questions are sharp, the discussions perfectly timed and that a response is collected.




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