Top five tips: Make your January meeting all about energy and buy-in

November 9, 2017
Written by: Georgie Mann


1. Begin with the end.

Do you have clear meeting objectives? What is important, do you want to focus on understanding of the message, or stronger buy-in, participant contribution or sharing of best practice?

2. How to communicate?

Does your communication strategy match your objectives? Complement PowerPoint with breaks outs, group discussion and training for better engagement.

3. Less is more

How many slides do you have? Are they full of text and numbers? Just focus on the core message and remove the rest. If people read your slides they won’t listen to you. Let your voice tell the story and use slides to provide a background.

4. What about energy?

Would you like your team to feel energized after the meeting? Or or feel information overload? Spice up the meeting with short ice breakers and make the January meeting fun for the participants.

5. Involve your participants

Start the meeting a week before with an engaging Pre Meeting App. Invite your participants to be active contributors, not passive spectators.

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” We got our message across in a really engaged way!”– Alan Moore, Zurich Insurance