Icebreaker Game

An entertaining quiz where teams are challenged to solve fun questions at a meeting or while having dinner or drinks. The perfect ice breaker!

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bring the values to life

The Icebreaker Game is a short quiz based team activity

1-2 hours
£35 p.p

A short energiser to boost your meeting or evening

bring the values to life

What is the Ice Breaker Game?

The Icebreaker Game is a short quiz based team activity, designed to entertain, bring out laughter and initiate fun discussions. The game is played on tablets and is run in two rounds of 15 minutes.

Fun team competition

Depending on their particular strengths, each teams decide on the right level of difficulty and which categories to go for. Time is short so choosing the right strategy is vital.

The players are divided into teams up of 3-5 people and the aim is to collect as many points as possible. The game is all digital so their progress can be tracked on a live leaderboard.

Our staff takes care of everything, including introduction and awards and will bring the tablets pre-programmed.

Tailor the game

We can tailor the activity by embedding corporate-specific missions. This is a great way to make the experience even more engaging. The average rating from our last 200 games is 5.6 out of 6.


Setting: Indoors.
Time: 2×15 minutes
Group: Any number of participants
Price: £25 pp – minimum cost £750
Activity type: Icebreaker

Discounts are offered for multiple bookings per day. Our staff will take care of everything. Our pre-programmed tablets are used on site.

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What happens if it rains during the activity?

Many of the challenges can be solved indoors or under cover. If you want to we can offer rain ponchos. We have indoor games that can be run as a backup.

Is this suitable for ages +55?

Yes, the game is suitable for players of all ages.

Can we cancel the team activity?

Under certain circumstances yes. Please ask for our cancellation policy.

Can we choose the starting and end points?

Absolutely, a lot of our clients start at the office and finish at a pub

Do we need to provide the locations for the game?

No, they are all included.

Is the team building game an app we download ourselves?

No, we provide tablets with the game already downloaded.

Can the activity be run in the evening?

Yes, we are happy to help out after office hours.

What if a participant is disabled?

We can provide a fun and meaningful role at game head quarters, so that person can help out and provide challenges for the teams.

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