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    The high tech team building energiser

    30-45 min.
    £30 p.p

    A quick and entertaining team energiser

    How the game works

    30 codes are hidden inside and outside your meeting venue. Find them fast and unlock loads of tricky missions. Code Break is a thrilling energiser activity, designed to bring out laughter and team work.

    Designed to energise your team

    Code Break is an entertaining team activity that fits perfectly in a short 30-45 minute break. The game is both physical by moving around finding codes, and challenging by solving fun trivia together. This gives your staff the boost they need after a few hours of presentations.

    Run the game anywhere

    The game can be played anywhere, including conference venues or your own office. It can also be used as a fun way of getting people from A to B or to feature a venue like a new office or a hotel. Set aside 30-45 minutes.

    What do you get out of this team activity?

    -Short and exhilarating
    -Energise your meeting in only a few minutes
    -Can be customised to your theme


    Setting: Can be run either outdoors or indoors.
    Time: 30-45 minutes
    Group: Any number of participants
    Price: £30 pp – minimum cost £750
    Activity type: Similar to short energising Scavenger Hunt

    Discounts are offered for multiple bookings per day. Our staff will take care of everything. Our pre-programmed tablets are used on site.

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