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Cocktail Challenge

Get into the spirit of the game

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    1 hour
    From 30 people
    £40 p.p

    Our Cocktail of Fun, Poured Over Ice, Will Leave Everyone Chilled.

    About the game

    Need a great way to break the ice? Or maybe a fantastic source of entertainment after a day of presentations and talk? Green Hat People have teamed up with the specialist mixologist company, Lunar to create bespoke team building cocktail masterclasses of exceptional quality.

    How the game works

    Your guests will be split into teams and taught how to mix up delicious cocktails by expert bartenders. Each group will be provided with their own bar station, an array of premium spirits, fresh ingredients and all the necessary equipment to each make their own cocktail to enjoy. Our expert mixologists will be on hand to guide each individual and encourage them to use their creativity and new found knowledge to design a cocktail.

    Then it’s competition time. The tablets will guide you through the cocktail and spirit trivia, fun games, activities and a music quiz. Once every guest has made their own cocktail, we will ask each group to work together as a team to create one drink that will be pitted against the other teams in a friendly competition. Our presenter will then judge each team’s offerings on aesthetics, flavour profile and entertainment value.

    Your staff will leave the day feeling energised, motivated and with a reaffirmed appreciation for the company they’re in!

    Customised to your needs

    Mixing team building, glamour and technology, this experience can be customised to the theme of your event or you can create a movie theme; “Bond” is always popular.

    Ever fancied learning to make cocktails like Tom Cruise?

    Our master mixologists create a fun atmosphere while showing you all the skills of working in a cocktail bar! Let us help you learn how to ‘shake up’ your day! Fantastic entertainment for a corporate day or function.

    Add a professional mobile bar that can be branded with your company logo. We can set up in any location to provide an amazing activity for your guests.

    What our clients say

    “We hired the Green Hat People for a cocktail event at our company’s summer party. This is the second time we have hired the Green Hat People for an event and I cannot recommend them enough. The staff were fun and entertaining, the cocktails were great, there was more than enough alcohol (some places can be really stingy with the alcohol) and the challenges were really fun and engaging. Best cocktail making event I have ever been to!” Angelique W, SOVRN

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