Team building

Grow Your Business Through Team Building

‘To Grow Your Business, Focus on Team Building’ say Green Hat People Like TeamBonding, we provide team building training, but we use bespoke training technology games adapted to each company’s needs. The benefits of team building can be felt throughout every area of your business. The article below outlines why building strong teams helps your […]

What Will Define Team Building in the Next 10 Years?

We are all aware that employee development and team building within the modern business is now defined by the increasingly important role of technology. While traditional techniques are indeed still applicable, we have witnessed a paradigm shift into virtual learning and development alongside more streamlined methods of team building. One interesting concept is what has […]

learning through business games

How games influence employees’ learning potential

  What makes a team great?   Leaders everywhere struggle with the question of how to get their teams to not only work together, but to bond and become greater than the sum of their parts. However, the secret to team building always seemed more art than science; the luck of the draw. But according to research carried out by […]