Why is it Crucial to Stand by Your Core Values?

  If you look closely at successful companies you will find they have all devoted significant time and resource to identifying, describing, and embedding their core values. But what came first? Are these companies successful because they live their core values or were they already successful before undertaking this work? Is this a chicken and […]

Global roll-out of Pharma company’s updated Core Values – Case Study of Almirall

  Brief In June 2017, the multinational pharmaceutical firm Almirall tasked us with devising an engaging workshop session to share updated core values with their workforce. The company had shifted their focus to dermatology and finding effective treatments for skin disease. The evolved strategy required a new corporate identity, renewing its brand, and corporate values. […]

How to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in a fun and engaging way – Case Study

  Diversity Challenge Game – Brief In partnership with events planner, Rockitfish, we devised an employee engagement activity for a Skills Development client, based around EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion). Initially just for their UK team, this self-run digital game had the potential to be shared globally, across 27 office locations. Coined the ‘Diversity Challenge’, […]