Want to make your Strategy Launch Engaging & Digital? Bring your Strategy to life with Gamification and Team Work

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Our proven Strategy Meeting format gets the buy-in you want from every single participant. It’s Fun, Engaging, Digital and Measurable.

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We help you launch and embed the strategy

A successful Strategy Launch instills the motivation to drive change across the organisation. Our methodology ensures that every participant is active and that you get the buy-in and understanding that you want.


 The Solution

We combine technology, micro learning and gamification alongside your presentations and lectures to deliver a Strategy in a much more engaging and measurable way. Afterwards, we provide a Follow-up App to track progress when delegates return home, taking the strategy from words to action.

Taking the pressure off business leaders, we implement a creative and highly informative agenda for your Strategy launch to inspire, motivate and get buy-in from your managers.

The solution encompasses a range of interactive, tablet-based learning and collaboration, as well as puzzles, breakout challenges, photo challenges and the sharing of best practices. This innovative and inspiring launch technique is able to provide a thoughtful mix of learning and reflection to give attendees a better understanding and commitment of your company’s strategies and goals for the upcoming year.


How does the Strategy Launch format work?


The Building Blocks

1. We send out a Pre Meeting app to gather data and build excitement

2. Welcome and Intros using the data form the app

3. Ice breaker

4. Share the long term Vision and Strategy

5. Break down strategy to focus areas

6. Break down to individual level - actions

7. Prepare for cascading

8. Make it happen – follow up with web app




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Understanding that every company is different, our methods are tailored to your requirements, creating an event that is completely bespoke to your company’s goals. Our unique methodology not only challenges the norm, but also helps to move your teams away from being passive listeners by encouraging them to actively contribute by communicating in an entirely new way.



We have 12 years experience of delivering engaging, digital meetings to +8000 clients and close to a million participants.



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Yes, the format is based on a template to save time, but we always tailor to your needs.
Any group size, typically from 30 people up to thousands

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