Culture First Onboarding Programme Help new staff understand your Culture, Values and way of doing things

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We combine individual training with group learning to embed the culture from day one. All in a fun, scalable format.

Why Culture First Onboarding?

Research shows that the first 3 months are crucial for engaging and retaining new employees and a poor fit with the culture is one of the key factors in new hire failure. To get new people up to speed quickly with your culture and way of doing things will not only increase retention, but also productivity.

About the Onboarding / Induction Programme

 - Our programme is designed to get staff on board quickly, in a fun and scalable way.

 - We help tailor everything to your needs and you can choose individual modules or the full programme.

 - Our approach is to combine software with live meetings and fun games to maximise engagement.

 - The programme can be run entirely by yourself after setup. If you want us to make your onboarding days outstanding, our staff are always happy to help out.

How it works

1. Individual introduction and training

Starting from either signing of contract or day 1, new members of staff get access to the Welcome App. This web based app is designed to make the new recruits feel welcome, get their insights and start the training in a fun and easy going way.

2. Live Onboarding Days

To embed a deeper understanding of the company and the culture, we recommend getting new people together for an onboarding day. Typically this combines presentations by key staff with group workshops and the Onboarding Game.

3. Follow up and take action with the Onboarding Booster app

After the introduction of new staff, it is time to go from words to action. The Onboarding Booster helps staff meet the right people and get to know the business by completing a number of missions, taking pictures and logging them in the app.



What you get out of it

The outcome of the programme is better understanding of how your business works and what defines your culture. But also to really let staff put the right behaviours into action straight away. 

Our methodology is to let small groups of new staff work together to understand their new company’s culture.

The programme is designed to provide an immersive experience consisting of a blend of interactive elements, like taking part in workshops and solving dilemmas but also to interact with other members of staff and have fun together.

In the end we want people to understand not just the What, but the Why. This will trigger the right attitude and behaviours, and give you the most valuable asset your company will ever have - future culture ambassadors.


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Onboarding Programme Overview


How we deliver

We tailor everything to your needs and deliver both entire programmes or stand-alone modules. We offer full service events with our staff but also a platform for self-delivery, anywhere at any time.




Onboarding Welcome App

The Onboarding Welcome App is sent to new people in the pre boarding phase or on day one. The aim is for staff to learn a bit about the company, get them thinking about the culture, and share what their experience has been so far.

We pose questions in a fun and simple way, while also creating buzz and excitement. By asking the right questions, you get a good understanding of their level of awareness and perceived challenges.

All the data that comes in can be accessed live on dashboards, to track how well the culture is embedded.

The app is run on smart phones or laptops, with no download required. Simply email a link to staff.


Live Onboarding Day

Do you bring new staff together for onboarding days? Do you want to take your participants from Passive Listeners to Active Contributors?

Our "Active Meetings" format combines group discussions, case studies, game boards and tablets to help your employees fully understand your business. By adding short, interactive break out sessions, you can pose vital questions and let the new staff discuss among themselves in small groups. This is called peer-2-peer learning and is especially powerful when people are new and not comfortable to ask questions in plenum.

All the data that comes in can be monitored on a live feed, allowing you to gauge straight away their level of understanding and pick up questions for further clarification.




Onboarding Game

The Onboarding Game is a fun and engaging way of  introducing your company to new staff. Learn about the organization, answer questions, interact with colleagues, take pictures and compete with fun, informative quizzes. All designed to energize your newcomers, using proven gamification techniques.

The game is played in small teams, using a laptop or a tablet. Importantly, the game does not just inform about your business, it provokes important discussion in the team to drive peer-2-peer learning. As the game is digital, all the data that comes in can be tracked on live on dashboards.

The game can be tailored to suit your organisation and typically includes important topics like:

  • Company history
  • Vision & Unique Selling Points
  • Culture & Values with dilemmas
  • Organisational structure/divisions
  • Products/Services/Solutions
  • Customers and Partners

The game also lets new staff get to know each other and share recent insights while they are "fresh".



Onboarding Booster

Onboarding Booster is a web app that lets new staff live the culture and put behaviours into action in a fun, competitive format. Although simple to use, we apply advanced gamification mechanisms and always customise entirely to your organisation. Perfect for onboarding and induction.



Encourage the right behaviours - How it works

First, we decide on a number of activities that speed up the learning rates and represent living the culture. The activities are listed in the app and whenever someone takes action they log that activity, take a picture and collect points. Typical activities are:

  • Meet key people to build a personal network
  • Act according to the values when interacting with colleagues
  • Initiate a process to learn the right way to get things done


Visualisation for maximum engagement

The Onboarding Booster collects fun and symbolic images that can easily be displayed on LCD screens in the office, to encourage all staff to start living the values.



Next steps

We have along experience of designing engaging onboarding solutions. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your onboarding or induction. We'd be happy to arrange a demo, provide case studies or to setup a live meeting.


Case Studies anyone?

Drop us an email by clicking here if you want a pdf with 6 case studies today. No obligations what so ever. 


Read more about our full Culture & Values Offering







What our clients think of our onboarding solutions

”What an energy level! You didn’t want to interrupt.”-
  - HR Director, Multinational Construction company


“This represents a unique opportunity for our new employees to learn more about our products and simultaneously meet and collaborate with their colleagues.”
  - VP Global HR Group Staff & Functions, Global Household Appliance manufacturer


Yes, we always tailor to your organisation
It depends on number of participants, amount of content etc. Typically we charge one setup fee and then per participant.
Yes of course, please get in touch with us.

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