Don’t start Kicking-Off… until your sales team are trained and ready for action.

November 5, 2018
Written by: Georgie Mann

It is a general notion that a conventional sales meeting is full of boring slides and long lectures on improving sales process.  Typically, it’s a one-way communication and is often forgotten within days of the meeting.

Things are slightly better for the annual sales conference, workshop or campaign kick-off meeting. So, with salespeople being key to business productivity, effectiveness and overall revenue results, we should be trying harder to engage the sales team with inspiring training and campaign kick-off meetings, right?  Otherwise, what’s the point of investing so much time and money for it all to be forgotten.

Green Hat People solve this issue by providing a digital Active Learning Platform (ALP). What is ALP we hear you say? Well, it combines gamified business challenges to engage participants like never before, with new knowledge, quizzes and fun ways to learn new concepts.

By leveraging the latest technology, we facilitate two-way communication and active listening, which consequently leads to active participation during any sales meeting.

Green Hat People designs a tailor-made sales workshop, conference or kick-off meeting that encourages full, active participation from all of your employees, even the ones who usually sit at the back and gaze at their watch throughout.  Gone are the days of boring uninspired PowerPoint slides.

To date, more than a million employees across the world have been engaged by Green Hat People’s gamified solutions.  We always get great feedback and pour our heart and soul into making your event a success.  Click here to read our client reviews.

We’ve teamed up with a Sales Trainer who has 20 years corporate experience in consultative selling, sales leadership and negotiation skills, so we’re confident we can give your sales kick-off the best start you’ve ever had.

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