The Sales Game Help your sales team think and act in new ways

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The Sales Game helps you launch and embed new sales strategies in a fun and engaging way at your company meeting

Do you want your sales team to change the way they work?

Implementing a new strategy is difficult. We help you communicate why changes are necessary and what people need to do differently, in a fun and highly engaging way.

Peer-2-Peer learning and case studies beats PowerPoint

A business game, played in small groups, is the best way to communicate strategies and get an acceptance for news way of working. When the strategy is set in the team's own context the understanding is much higher. Nothing beats peers explaining to each other how and why they should to start acting differently.

Short lead times

We can have a bespoke Sales Game ready to be deployed in about a week.

Live Feedback

See live throughout the game what participants think and feel and how they interpret the strategy. Based on the live data, you can provide feedback immediately and clarify your message.


The building blocks of the Sales Game

Step 1 - Engage the sales force early and get useful data

Send a web app via text or email to your sales team a week before the game. Quiz them, prep them and let them share opinions. Analyze the data live and get a good understanding of your team's current status.


Step 2 - Run the Sales Game

Using a customised game board and Samsung Tablet, the game is played in groups of 4-6 people. There are three categories in the game, with different purposes.

1. Quizzes
Breaks the ice and acts like sorbet in between meals. Ask the team in a fun competitive way what they know about your customers, the value proposition, sales stats etc.

2. Ways of working
The teams discuss the current way of doing things and why some things need to change. This is fully customised to your needs and we have a large data bank of questions that can be used for inspiration. Some topics that are often covered include:

  • Fulfilling the customer promise
  • How to become more customer centric
  • Sales frequency vs. customer delight
  • Strengths and weaknesses in the buying process
  • Moving from product focus service orientation
  • How to align sales efforts with the overall strategies
  • Growth and cross selling

3. Case studies

By using case studies, dilemmas and real examples, your team can fully understand how to act according to your sales strategy. We have a large bank of case studies that can easily be adapted to your "world".

The game takes between 60-90 minutes plus time for debrief and game be run anywhere in the world, with our staff or self-managed.

core values game 3

Step 3 - Debrief and feedback to the sales team

As soon as the sales game starts, data comes in live to our servers. The data feed is very user friendly and is designed for quick analysis. During the game you spend time choosing the bits you think are important and can prepare for the debrief that takes place right afterwards. During debrief, the data can be shown on a screen and really helps driving good discussions, sharing best practices and reinforcing your message.

Why choose The Sales Game?

In contrast to traditional static business games, our games provides dynamic, technological solutions that are highly customisable to your vision. You know what to communicate and what gaps your team might have; we are good at helping you implement it in an engaging way that really helps people understand.

We use real life conflict situations and dilemmas

All our business games are customised to your needs and we always focus on helping employees understand which decisions have to be made in different situations and why. Our business games take participants through various dilemmas and conflicts and progresses through discussions. By making these decisions together co-workers help each other understand the changes and how it will be applied in practice.


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core values game 2
Gamification techniques ensures engagement and effectiveness: game boards, tablets and live feedback.


core values game 1
We use quizzes to get people into the right mood


core values game 4
We challenge the teams to initiate vivid discussions.


core values game 3
The core of the game - customised case studies and dilemmas that make the strategy really tangible.

Technology that always works

Our proprietary technology is purposely built for Company Meetings


Large Meetings

We have a long experience of engaging very large audiences, ask us for case studies


Run it anywhere in the world - even online


Attentive Staff

Our staff hand out tablets, offers technical support and manage the data feed


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