Digital Transformation Game Help your employees understand digitization

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The Digital Transformation Business Game helps your employees understand how digitization holds the key to future success.

Digitization is not about adding a Facebook page. It is about transforming the way your company interacts with its customers, how your goods and services are consumed in new ways and how you operate your business in the future.

90 min
Min. 6 people
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Our unique business game helps explain the macro changes and provides examples of best practice. The game also looks at which changes are applicable to your business and your industry, and we focus on letting the participants discuss the main issues in groups and have them provide useful solutions.

We help make your digital transformation tangible and ensure that each employee understands its importance, and are ready to make the decisions necessary to reach your set goals.

We use real life conflict situations and dilemmas

All our business games are customised to your needs and we always focus on helping employees understand which decisions have to be made in different situations and why. Our business games take participants through various dilemmas and conflicts and progresses through discussions. By making these decisions together co-workers help each other understand the transformation and how it will be applied in practice.

Modern technology customized to your policy

Slim tablets combined with analogue tools like game boards and dilemma cards create maximal participation and engagement.

The game is built around a template, which is always customised to your company's reality. It is tried and tested, yet at the same time easy to adjust and redesign around your needs.

Contact us to find out how we can create a Digital Transformation Business Game activity for your next meeting or conference .

Understand more about Green Hat People before you order: Read about the benefits of interactivity, our technical platform and how we design games and workshops


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