Onboarding Solutions Help new staff understand your Business, Culture & Values

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Onboarding Games and Onboarding Days

Research shows that the first 3 months are crucial for engaging and retaining new employees. We help engage your employees right from Day 1 with our Onboarding Solutions.

“Get to Know” Onboarding Game

The Onboarding Game is a fun and engaging way of  introducing your company to new staff. Learn about the organization, answer questions, interact with colleagues, take pictures and compete with fun, informative quizzes. All designed to energize your newcomers, using proven gamification techniques.

The game is played in small teams, using a laptop or a tablet. Importantly, the game does not just inform about your business, it provokes important discussion in the team to drive peer-2-peer learning. As the game is digital, all the data that comes in can be tracked on live on dashboards.

The game can be tailored to suit your organisation and typically includes important topics like:

  • Company history
  • Vision & Unique Selling Points
  • Culture & Values with dilemmas
  • Organisational structure/divisions
  • Products/Services/Solutions
  • Customers and Partners

The game also lets new staff get to know each other and share recent insights while they are "fresh".



Onboarding Days

Do you bring new staff together for onboarding days? Do you want to take your participants from Passive Listeners to Active Contributors?

Our "Active Meetings" format combines group discussions, case studies, game boards and tablets to help your employees fully understand your business. By adding short, interactive break out sessions, you can pose vital questions and let the new staff discuss among themselves in small groups. This is called peer-2-peer learning and is especially powerful when people are new and not comfortable to ask questions in plenum.

All the data that comes in can be monitored on a live feed, allowing you to gauge straight away their level of understanding and pick up questions for further clarification.



An example of the Active Meetings format

  1. 40 minute presentation by Division Head with PowerPoint - "Our Strategy"
  2. 10 minute break out session. Teams of five, using tablets
  3. Debrief of the data using live, curated feed
  4. Clarification or comment by Division Head
  5. Next presentation
  6. Etc
  7. Team Activity or Business Game


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What our clients think of our onboarding days

”What an energy level! You didn’t want to interrupt.”-
Jenny Lilja Lagercrantz – HR Director NCC Housing


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