Values Prelaunch Preparations Assess & Define your Culture and Values

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We help prepare the perfect Values Launch

Before launching new Culture & Values, it is important to get a good understand of where you stand. Data is power and with our surveys and dashboards we're the right partner to help you out. Even more important is to get buy-in early on from senior leadership and key staff. Interactive workshops are a great way to create excitement and get alignment.

Educate, Inspire and align the Senior Leadership Team - 1/2 day workshop

The workshop aims to create a better understanding of the important role Culture and Values play for successful companies. We help prove the point and inspire senior leaders to understand the links between culture, engagement and results. We also help match your culture and values with the strategic plan. Is the current culture and behaviours in line with where your organization wants to be in the coming 3-5 years? The outcome of this start-up workshop helps you get ready to define the future values.


Culture & Values Survey

In the prelaunch phase, it is important to understand how your staff and other stake holders perceive your values. Is there a common understanding of the culture and values? What is the level of awareness? Does it vary between functions and locations? We help you set up an engaging Culture and Values survey that feeds into a live Dashboard. The tool is web based and can be run on smart phones or laptops. It is customised to your needs and we make sure we ask the right questions. Most importantly, we keep asking the same questions over time to be able to track progress.



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Time frame and setup

The Culture and Values Survey is customised to your organisation and we can set it up in about a week's time. The survey typically runs bi-yearly, with shorter pulse surveys in between. We offer the Culture & Values Survey either as one off or for a monthly subscription, please get in touch for pricing and a demo.


The survey is run as a web app, so there is no need to download anything. It runs on any web connected device, including smart phones, PCs and tablets. You will get a customised dashboard that visualizes the data and where you can easily break it down to track individuals, teams, locations etc.


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Typically from a couple of months to a year
Yes absolutely, we often run global initiatives and road shows
Depends on scope and number of participants. Please get in touch for a quick call about pricing.
Mostly web apps which do not need to be downloaded.

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Core Values Games and Workshops

Launch and Reignite your Culture & Values

Core Values Games and Workshops

Want to create an exciting launch? Core Values Game is the perfect tool to present and launch a new set of values. By using a game format we help transform your values and behaviours into tangible, fun exercises. The game is played in groups of 3-6 people, using a game board and tablets.
Embed the Values and Behaviours with an ongoing training programme

Bring the Values to life

Embed the Values and Behaviours with an ongoing training programme

After introducing the values you want your staff to start changing their behaviour and put the values into action. Our Workshops, Booster Apps and Team Activities are fun and smart ways of making this happen in a both competitive and cooperative format.