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We help clients bring Culture & Values to life

Our offering – Full programme or stand-alone modules


Assess current status and create a plan for embedding the Culture and Values
  • Align the senior mgmt team
  • Run a Culture & Values Survey
  • Define the right KPI's

Launch or Reignite

Launch and roll-out the Values with engaging games and workshops.
  • Core Values Game
  • Roll-out package
  • Track live on dashboards

Bring to life

Bring the Values to life using the latest technology, micro learning and gamification mechanisms.
  • Behaviours workshops
  • Dilemmas & Case studies
  • Scalable micro learning format


Help new staff understand your Business, Culture & Values from day one.
  • Self-delivered Onboarding Game
  • Team Bonding Activities
  • "Live the Culture" Booster App

Our Core Values Journey programme helps you reach your goals in a way that your staff will love. We combine the latest technology with gamification mechanisms to transform your company values into fun, practical methods for your employees. And to make it even better, progress is tracked live on dashboards to provide the hard facts.

Typical Client challenges and KPIs



People don’t understand the Values


We keep losing staff because of the culture


Our behaviours do not match the values


Our employee engagement rates are falling


There has been a lot of change, we want to refresh the Values

Bring to life

We need to make it happen for real

The stages of embedding the Values

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Our contribution

12 years experience

With more than 1,000,000 participants, we know what works and what doesn't. Ask us about our case study vault!

Off-the-shelf Modules

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf games, workshops, surveys and dashboards, all designed to facilitate an engaging launch and implementation.

Live launch experts

We have along experience of helping clients deliver their message in a vary engaging way at meetings and events.

Scalable distribution

Want to roll-out the values to the entire organisation? Our tech platform enables you to deliver on your own, in a cost efficient way.

Data & Analytics

We help setup dashboards so you can follow your launch in real time. Track participation rates, engagement levels, and compare what people think across countries, divisions, teams, functions etc.

Proprietary Technology

All our tech is developed in-house, and designed for one specific purpose - to enable you to launch and implement your initiatives in the best possible way.

Personal support throughout your project

Our staff will do their utmost to help you succeed. Either on the ground to help out with live events, or remotely to support a self-delivered roll-out.

Activation Formats

Values Prelaunch Preparations

Assess & Define your Culture and Values Read more

Launch and Reignite your Culture & Values

Core Values Games and Workshops Read more

Bring the Values to life

Embed the Values and Behaviours with an ongoing training programme Read more

Culture Onboarding Programme

Help new staff understand your Culture, Values and way of doing things Read more

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Who we work with

Large organisations

We have a long experience of working with large clients. Ask us about global, scalable roll-outs. Contact us

Small & Medium organisations

We cater to any company size. Ask about our off-the-shelf solutions for a cost effective launch. Contact us

Public Sector

Please get in touch to discuss how we can find a solution that caters to your unique needs. Contact us

Consultancies & Partners

Please get in touch if you want to license our products and platform or want to offer us your services. Contact us

Engagement Drives Performance - The link between Culture and Results

70% of corporate change initiatives fails One of the major challenges in business today is to make things happen. The challenge  is not to define a strategy, it’s to implement it. A lot of new strategies and initiatives are presented at meetings, using traditional tools like PowerPoint. The problem with that is that after a short time, we start to lose track of the core content, and after a week we cannot even remember 10% of what was communicated. So the way we communicate, and the way we manage to engage people at these meetings, is vital to how well the strategy is received and implemented afterwards.

6 reasons why you want to work with us


Our experience

12 years experience and +1 million users worldwide


We use gamification mechanisms and peer-2-peer learning for maximum engagement

Digital to the core

Our solutions are scalable and easy to adapt

Off-the-shelf packages

Wide range of products that can be tailored to your needs

People on the ground

We offer both onsite and DIY solutions


Track your entire project on live dashboards

What next?

Case Studies

Read how we've helped clients in your industry. Learn more


See us in action at conferences, meetings and events. See our videos


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About us

Read about why we exist and how we can help out. Learn more


Launch and Embed Culture & Values 

Values are difficult to communicate. Core Values Game helps you make the values more tangible and connect them to your employees’ every day work life in an engaging way. A perfect launch product that can be rolled out worldwide. Read more

Onboarding Programme

Research shows that the first 3 months are crucial for engaging and retaining new employees. We help engage your employees right from day 1 with our Onboarding Game and Onboarding Days packages. Read more

Team Development

Get quantifiable results with Green Hat’s unique game-based team building training. We have 10 years experience of game design and our team building games have been played by almost 1 million players worldwide since we pioneered tablet based team building in 2007. Read more

Strategy Activation

Make sure to get maximise buy-in and understanding of your strategy using our proven meeting format. All digital, we utilise the latest technology and peer-2-peer learning to boost engagement. Read more

Bespoke Business Games

Want to communicate something important in a new, engaging way? We design business games to make any topic compelling; From product launches and new ways for working to Digital Transformation and  Customer Centricity. Read more