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You have Core Values. We have an innovative way of bringing them to life.

3-12 months
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Our Core Values Journey programme helps you reach your goals in a way that your staff will love. We combine the latest technology with gamification mechanisms to transform your company values into fun, practical methods for your employees. And to make it even better, progress is tracked live on dashboards to provide the hard facts.

Our offering – Stand alone Modules or Full programme 








Client challenges we help solve

Engagement  "Our employee engagement rates are falling"

Awareness     "Our people don’t understand the Values"

Behaviours    "The behaviours do not match the values"

Buy-In              "We want staff co-create the new culture"

Refresh           "There has been a lot of change, we need to refresh the Values"

Bring to life   "We need to make it happen for real"


Culture and Values Journey - How far have you come?

We have developed a three step programme to help you launch and embed. Depending on where you are in your journey, we help you select the right tools for you.

Choose stand alone modules like the Values Game or choose to get help over a longer period of time.


Our contribution - We make your Culture & Values come to life!

To help you succeed with your culture change, we offer a wide range of effective off-the-shelf formats. Our core expertise is to tailor them to your needs, deploy them to management level and then roll-out across the entire organisation.

Why it works

Our approach is to drive engagement and get buy-in by focusing on teams rather than individuals, and to utilize the latest technology and gamification mechanisms.

Micro learning

When driving culture change, a glitzy launch event is nice and important. But it won't make a big long term difference. Repetition is the mother of learning and our activation formats are designed to do just that - repeat the message again and again until the values are embedded and the behaviours have started to change.

To your great relief, this doesn't have to be a gargantuan task. We use the micro learning format -  short and effective modules that can easily be integrated in your existing team meeting structure. 


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Working with us

We cater to all sizes, from large multinationals to small niche players, across the world. With close to a million employees taking part in our programmes over the years we have loads of case studies and learnings. Please get in touch with our sales team to start a conversation.

If you are an agency or consultancy looking for a high tech engagement platform, don't hesitate to get in touch and hear more about our partner programmes.

And if you see opportunities to operate Green Hat People as a franchisee in your city, we'd love to hear from you!

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From 3 months up to a year
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Assess & Define your Culture and Values

Values Prelaunch Preparations

Assess & Define your Culture and Values

Before defining or redefining your values, you need to understand how your staff and other stake holders perceive your values. A Culture & Values Survey is a great way to get started.
Core Values Games and Workshops

Launch and Reignite your Culture & Values

Core Values Games and Workshops

Want to create an exciting launch? Core Values Game is the perfect tool to present and launch a new set of values. By using a game format we help transform your values and behaviours into tangible, fun exercises. The game is played in groups of 3-6 people, using a game board and tablets.
Embed the Values and Behaviours with an ongoing training programme

Bring the Values to life

Embed the Values and Behaviours with an ongoing training programme

After introducing the values you want your staff to start changing their behaviour and put the values into action. Our Workshops, Booster Apps and Team Activities are fun and smart ways of making this happen in a both competitive and cooperative format.