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Case Studies


Achieving a more engaging onboarding day

NCC Housing wanted an increased interaction between presenters and the audience and a quick and easy way to gather information from the participants. 

Our solution included:
1. Four identical sessions consisting of: a 15 minute presentation on stage, 6 minutes of group discussion relating to the presentation, 4 minutes of coming up with solutions.
2. One session where participants could choose freely from 8 themes and spend time discussing that specific topic.
3. A 90 minute engaging team activity before dinner with customized missions connecting to the meeting.

The participants, especially people from Eastern European countries, really felt they understood the key messages in a better way with our methodology, 

”What an energy level! You didn’t want to interrupt.”-
Jenny Lilja Lagercrantz – HR Director NCC Housing

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A modern Onboarding day

Electrolux wanted to create a more engaging way to educate and welcome new employees. First, the new employees were divided into teams of 6. Each team was equipped with a pre-programmed Tablet that guided them to different stands on exact times and in perfect synchronization with other teams.

At each stand, staff from a certain division would present their work. Then the tablets triggered engaging quizzes and game-like questionnaires that put knowledge to the test and laid the basis for an entertaining experience. 

“This represents a unique opportunity for our new employees to learn more about Electrolux products and simultaneously meet and collaborate with their colleagues.” – Berit Hägglund-Marcus, VP Global HR Group Staff & Functions

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