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Case Studies

Core Values Culture

Embedding Core Values as a International roll-out

Multinational pharmaceutical firm Almirall wanted a solution that would allow them to share their updated core values with employees across six branches across Europe. Employees would need to not only understand these values but also apply them to situations. We developed a workshop structure that allows the company to self-run sessions for up to 40 staff, broken down into smaller teams of five. The workshop took the form of a game, built around the company’s revitalised values. Rather than a competitive game, Almirall was keen for the quiz to spark discussion, to enable them to understand how individuals were adapting to the changes.

Feedback from individuals was incredibly positive. Teams have evidently been comfortable with the familiarity of the board game structure, while still felt challenged and educated by the questions asked and dilemmas posed. This combination of fun and challenge is what makes events such as these so valuable.

Most importantly, it has given Almirall a clear indication of how well their workforce is adapting to the company’s new direction, and what areas might still need addressing. At the end of each two-hour workshop, employees have been debriefed and asked how they feel the session went, and what they felt needed further discussion. This critical feedback has not only helped to evolve the workshop structure, but also the strategic direction of the organisation as a whole.

‘Easy to implement to all levels of the company and easy to use, intuitive, didactic and fun.’

‘A very creative way of generating useful employee insight to move the organisational culture forward.’


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