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Case Studies

Audience Engagement

A corporate event in the insurance industry is usually all about hard numbers and statistics – How do you shift focus towards culture and sense of purpose in a meaningful way?

Zurich Insurance asked us to create a corporate meeting for 160 delegates that was less about reporting numbers and more about what makes employees feel for the job. Presentations from stage focused on highlighting customer problems and the important role that Zurich plays in helping businesses make a difference without worrying about risk.

Focus was geared towards the real problems that clients have and how Zurich can work to solve them in the best way possible. The message was all about giving employees a greater sense of purpose and understanding the difference they make for their clients, highlighting the importance of thinking from a customer perspective.

The workshops were run both at a venue but also in cafes and restaurants across the city. Using our game Exploration Challenge, teams were sent on missions around town and breaks in the game were scheduled so that the teams could find areas to sit down and conduct the workshops.

“The day was fantastic. We got the message across in a really engaging way. The communication was two-way, the games were fantastic, everyone got really involved and I think that everyone leaves the event with a feeling that they were part of something. ” – Alan Moore, Chief Underwriting Officer at Zurich

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Audience Engagement

Creating a better understanding of coaching & feedback procedures

At a national meeting for branch office managers from the retail banking division, Nordea wanted managers to get a thorough understanding of the internal coaching & feedback procedures, including harmonizing the company employee rating standards.

A number of training areas were created, each designed to allow teams to really practice the skills hands-on. A tablet gave instructions and guided the teams to the locations simultaneously. Analogue and digital tools were used throughout the day. The training areas were:

COOPERATION – Tested cooperative skills through a tough business game.
CLIENT MEETINGS – Watched films from client meetings & practiced giving feedback.
GOALS – Used the SMART model and practiced setting goals in a structured way.
RATING STANDARDS – Work shop about setting a company wide employee rating standard.


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Audience Engagement

Placing Values in focus

How do you get 250 IT managers from all over Scandinavia engaged in reflecting about their own roles in your organisation? You involve them in questions and have them reformulate and change company leadership criteria.

At a management meeting we ran a series of interactive exercises and workshops. The participants used their own their smartphones to answer a number of challenging questions during a presentation. The data that came in was accessible live and was used by the conference organisers for further discussion in the preceeding session. This methodology was then repeated throughout the meeting, but on different themes.

– Strong focus on group exercises
– Mobility throughout the facility; rooms were assigned different themes
– Guided brainstorming

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Audience Engagement

Global Management meeting with Audience Interaction

Seco Tools wanted to create a meeting with more engagement and participation. To achieve this we complemented the PowerPoint presentations with interactive workshops and group break out sessions. Tablets were used to facilitate the interactive sessions and all ideas and responses were available straight away online for a quick debrief and for sharing of best practice. 

Throughout the two days, participants were also using our conference app ViewPipe to send individual comments, ideas and questions to the meeting organisers.

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