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Communicating with Staff and Customers

So, what’s the best way to communicate with your employees and maintain a happy, efficient team?

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Changes in Culture – How to Adapt and Improve Your Internal Communication

When we think about internal communication, we tend to picture the traditional top-down approach. Executive decisions, ideas without room for discussion, to be passed on and followed through. This form of communication has been effective with the boomer generation. Straightforward orders were given and followed, and this culture of compliance in exchange for rewards resulted in loyalty to the company. However, employee culture is changing significantly and the motivation for employee commitment has changed along with it. So, what’s the best way to communicate with your employees and maintain a happy, efficient team?

Among the younger generations, the motivation to work for a company has evolved into a much more personal process, in which a sense of belonging is a requirement for a sense of loyalty. It is a mission to find happiness and satisfaction in the workplace, and if this is not fulfilled, there is little hesitation to move on. So, what can be done to inspire loyalty under these changing circumstances?

Change Up Your Methods

Adjustments need to be made to our methods of communication. The standard, predictable methods of emailing, one-sided conferences and PowerPoint presentations are less likely to create the sense of fulfilment that is essential for employee engagement. The common error in these is that information is not retained, because no interaction is involved. Often, little thought goes into what information is actually necessary and useful to the audience.

According to The Independent, a survey of 2,000 participants by Workfront found that 61% of employees agreed that emails got in the way of their productivity levels at work. Similarly, being a passive spectator of a conference or PowerPoint gives employees little incentive to take on learnings. And, if interaction is involved, such as in a survey, there are still some common mistakes that make them ineffective. For example, surveys are not taken as often as they should be, or the questions don’t accurately represent employee views. The worst mistake leadership can make is to fail to implement what is shown in the data. This undermines trust.

There are a lot of innovative ways to improve your communication strategies. This doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic revolution. Existing practices can be developed in a more effective way to motivate employees and give them the sense of belonging they are looking for.

Make Conferences Interactive

The main issue with conferences is a lack of interaction. Talking at your audience is not going to motivate them, nor will it help them remember what you have to say. So, how can this be changed?

One way is to make your conferences interactive. A live interaction with your audience can assist you in not only keeping their attention, but also giving them the drive to be part of the conversation. Allowing questions to be asked and ideas to be shared will promote a sense of belonging by giving them a voice and purpose within your conference.
Green Hat People have assisted our clients in developing interactive conferences that achieve their goals. We also supply the applications and tools required to introduce this new way of conferencing to your team.

An example of this service is when we worked with grocery retailer ICA Sweden in their annual storeowners’ meeting. In the previous year, only 130 out of approximately 1,350 ICA storeowners attended. After working with us to make their conference interactive, the attendance jumped from 10% to 64% with 870 store owners showing up. This meeting resulted in 1869 interactions over the course of the day, which was invaluable to the company, allowing them to respond to useful feedback and shape the future of their sector.

Game Based Learning

Contrary to popular belief, games in the workplace can be a highly effective way to teach employees and build their understanding of the company – as opposed to a distraction from work. Games are a brilliant way to improve employee engagement as their team-based environment allows for constructive interaction, whether that be productive or personal.

Not only this, but game-based learning can be a refreshing substitute for lectures and PowerPoints by boosting participation and giving employees something to take part in on a peer to peer level. They can be used for a wide range of topics, including teaching culture and values, sales transformation and new strategy, to name a few.
Games have proved to be a better way to keep employees engaged and happy. According to a 2019 survey by TalentLMS, 83% of those who receive gamified training feel motivated, while 61% of those who receive non-gamified training feel unproductive and bored.

Interactive, educational games can be created for your company by Green Hat People. We programme tailored business games for companies with a message to get across. These games are played in groups of 3-6, lasting from 30-60 minutes and are accessible to phones and tablets, meaning anyone can play. With our expertise in gamification, we can ensure your targets are met in a memorable way.

Engagement Through Exercises

Employee engagement can thrive through fun exercises. These activities give employees the opportunity to work together without a set outcome – it’s all in good fun, yet it still encourages teamwork and fuels competitive drive.
The exercises don’t necessarily need to be relevant to the tasks in their everyday work life. Instead, they could relate to the company history and culture, or getting to know their colleagues better. It entirely depends on the goal you want to achieve.

Activities can include:

– Treasure Hunts
– Situational Puzzles
– Interactive Quizzes
– Escape Rooms

You might be thinking – how do I make these activities? I don’t have time to organise this.

You don’t have to! Leave it to the specialists to organise a fun, yet effective activity day. Green Hat People can organise an activity day bespoke to your company’s needs that is reflective of your values, so it’s not only fun, but it’s educational too.

Engaging in activities allows your team to build personal bonds and increases employee satisfaction. According to Gallup, close work friendships increase employee satisfaction by 50%. And research by Social Market Foundation has shown that when employees are happy, they are 20% more productive than those who weren’t, showing how crucial personal relationships are in the workplace.

In this new age of business, attention is no longer simply given to you, and employees aren’t likely to stay unless you give them reason to. To get the attention that you need, you have to compete for it – so find exciting, interesting, and new ways to grab it.

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