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10 Ways to Promote Active Learning During Business Meetings

November 23, 2016
Written by: Georgie Mann


People learn best when they are not simply sitting and passively taking in information, but when they are actively engaged in the learning process. So called ‘active learning’ should be an integral part of any business meeting, and below you will find 10 tips for integrating active learning into your meetings.



  1. Structured debates: choose a topic (e.g What opportunities do you see with our new initiative?) and get people to communicate in teams and put their case across.


  1. Employee presentations: get everyone at all levels of the business involved in presenting data at meetings.


  1. Gamification: make learning fun by playing educational games. As we mentioned previously learning through games enhances results.


  1. Group discussion: break the ice by splitting meeting attendees into pairs or groups and engaging in group discussion about items on the agenda. That way, everyone will feel that their voice has been heard.


  1. Online polls: ask employees to vote anonymously on issues on the agenda and display the results on a big screen.



  1. Quizzes: offer quizzes for learning and development on issues relevant to the company, with prizes at the end to get expectations high.


  1. Communication style tests: employees’ communication will improve if they become more aware of what their communication style is.


  1. Feedback opportunities: ensure that no-one leaves the meeting feeling frustrated by enabling them to provide feedback on whether it met their expectations or not, and how it could be improved.


  1. Collaborative agendas: letting everyone collaborate on constructing the agenda is a simple engagement technique.



  1. Confidence building exercises: engagement, learning and development during an interactive meeting all improve when employees feel more confident about expressing their views.


You can encapsulate all that in our “Agenda Game” here