We are a People Engagement Provider

We help clients communicate with staff and customers in a new, more engaging way. Our learning platform uses Gamification and Micro learning to achieve results faster.

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Culture & Values Programmes

We help bring your Core Values to life using the latest technology, micro learning and gamification mechanisms.

  • Launch or refresh values
  • Bring values to the workplace
  • Track live on dashboards


Help new staff learn about the organisation, understand your Culture & Values and get up to speed quicker.

  • Onboarding Welcome App
  • Onboarding Game
  • Onboarding & Induction Days

Team Activities

Build a stronger team with our unique game-based approach, designed to create a “one company” feel.

  • Fun and Energising
  • Customisable
  • Can be run anywhere

8 Reasons to choose GreenHat People


Digital to the core

Our solutions are scalable and easy to adapt



Track your entire project on live dashboards


Off-the-shelf packages

Wide range of products that can be tailored to your needs


Micro Learning

Perfectly adapted to fit with your existing meeting structures


People on the ground

We offer both onsite and DIY solutions


Any level

We can help out at any level in the organisation - including global roll-outs



We use gamification mechanisms and peer-2-peer learning for maximum engagement



Close to 1 million users worldwide

How we can help you with Employee Engagement

Our methodology is to take the target audience from passive listeners to active contributors, to achieve better results. We do this in a ground breaking way, using gamification mechanisms, peer-2-peer learning and the latest technology.

Content & Innovation

Dozens of off-the-shelf workshops, games and activation modules

Data & Measurability

Track progress in real time on dashboards

Blended learning

Face to face + Learning platform

Scalable Roll-outs

Using tablets, laptops or smart phones we roll-out to the whole organisation, including blue collar workers.

Gamification Mechanisms

We use proven gamification techniques to really drive engagement

12 years of experience

Our long experience will save you time

Featured Solutions

Launch and Embed Culture & Values

Values are difficult to communicate. Core Values Game helps you make the values more tangible and connect them to your employees’ every day work life in an engaging way. A perfect launch product that can be rolled out worldwide.

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Strategy Activation

Make sure to get maximise buy-in and understanding of your strategy using our proven meeting format. All digital, we utilise the latest technology and peer-2-peer learning to boost engagement.

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Onboarding Programme

Research shows that the first 3 months are crucial for engaging and retaining new employees. We help engage your employees right from day 1 with our Onboarding App, Onboarding Game and Tailored Onboarding Days packages.

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scalable distribution

Team Development

Get quantifiable results with Green Hat’s unique game-based team building training. We have 10 years experience of game design and our team building games have been played by almost 1 million players worldwide since we pioneered tablet based team building in 2007.

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onboarding training

Game Based Learning – Say it with a game!

Want to communicate something important in a new, engaging way? Communicate your Business Challenge or Key Initiative as an exciting game. From product launches and new ways for working to strategy roll-outs.

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