Case Hvordan vi skaper engasjerende konferanser

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Engage 1500 staff in charity simultaneously across 11 airports

Swedavia manages 11 airports and wanted to let all 1500 employees get engaged in charity
while simultaneously competing against each other, across 11 airports in Sweden.

We created  acustomised team building game where the participants were divided into around 350 teams and the game was run in three heats. The game objective was two-fold:

  1. Compete against each other by finding up to 25 codes, hidden around the airports.
  2. Cooperate by jointly reaching a certain score (minimum 50 000 points). That score would then be converted to money, given to charity.

The game was a great success and the teams exceeded the goals. During the game many teams spontaneously started collaborating by sharing the locations of the codes. This to ensure that all colleagues found as many of them as possible so the overall goal could be reached easier.

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