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Case Study: Vestlandet Challenge – Incentive Event




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Client Brief

A group of salespeople from a leading CRM supplier won an internal sales contest. Their reward was a surprise trip to beautiful Vestlandet in Norway. During ‘Norwegian Adventure 2019’, they would get to experience some of the most scenic locations in Norway, such as the Loen Skylift, Hotel Union Øye, and Europe’s deepest lake, Hornindalsvannet.

The CRM supplier wanted the event to be something truly special. The event company they hired booked Green Hat People to design the game element because they loved the solutions we had delivered for them in the past. They knew we could deliver a fun, interactive experience that would build rapport among the team.



During the two-day event, 30 prize-winners competed in teams, solving missions and having fun along the way. For the first day, we tailor-made a race that started when they landed in Sandene in Vestlandet and took them step-by-step to an unknown destination. Each team got their own personal driver in a luxury car to take them along the trail.

The first stop was at the local bakery, Bakar Jon. There, the team was served a local delicacy, and they had to perform a task to find their next destination. As they were driving to different locations, tasks were triggered on the tablet. Every time they came to a new destination, they stopped and had to either say a secret password to someone there, or solve a mission to unlock the task they were doing there. At one stage of the race, the teams were challenged to carpool karaoke. We received a lot of very cool videos from the singing teams! Everything about the game was customised. On the second day, the participants took a long hike up a mountain, taking in the beautiful scenery together.



As this project was based on the team’s ability to face the challenges together, it was delivered by the client as a DIY solution. Green Hat People was on phone support, not on site.

The participants loved their adventure. The feedback we received on the game consisted only of the top ratings of 5 and 6. The events company have now booked us to roll out a similar customised project in beautiful Lofoten in Norway. The CRM supplier was extremely happy with the experience we put on for them. Our client got the ‘Amazing Race’ feeling that they wanted, and the participants had fun along the way, solving missions.

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