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Case Study: Ipsen – CRM System Rollout




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Client Brief

Pharmaceutical company Ipsen was rolling out a new CRM system worldwide. This was a major commitment. The system would be used by all staff – field sales, administrative and medical, each of which have separate legislative requirements. Alongside the rollout was a two-day training programme for all staff. Green Hat People’s role was to provide an engaging, interactive and innovative element to the training. This was to ensure the delegates felt comfortable using the new system, but in addition, a key deliverable for GHP was to ensure the training workshop would be an exciting and memorable experience for all delegates

Due to the importance of this change, Ipsen were looking for a way to make their training more interactive and interesting. Paula Varndell-Dawes, from Insightful Health Solutions, who had worked with GHP previously and who was working with Ipsen as part of the project team, recommended us for the project.


Green Hat People created a series of interactive, team-based workshops, run after each training module, which tested the understanding of the topics covered and gave the trainers instant feedback from the delegates, including any topics that required further attention. In the UK, approximately 100 staff attended the two-day training programme.


For the project to work, a high degree of trust had to be established between Ipsen and Green Hat People, and C3i, the specialist CRM training company, and Insightful Health Solutions, the project management support for the entire project. This was successfully achieved through close collaboration and an iterative process of creating demo models and agreeing amendments with all parties. At the end of the project, everyone agreed that the best marker for its success was the extremely high level of cooperation between all parties.


“The team and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your help, passion and commitment in supporting us to deliver this milestone meeting. You were amazing throughout this journey, and so was your delivery team during the two days of the training. Therefore, on behalf of Ipsen UKI and me personally, can I say a huge thank you for your commitment to this project over the past 6 months. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with you all!”

– Paula Varndell-Dawes


The project required cooperation between Green Hat People and the trainers from C3i, both during the planning phase and in the training rooms. The trainers were from many different countries, and for all of them, English was not their first language. A close bond developed between the trainers and the Green Hat People staff on site.

The client reported that GHP continually engaged with the core and wider project team to ensure that their main event was executed perfectly. They told us that the event was delivered with innovation and excellence. The approach was new to Ipsen and different from the way that these CRM meetings had been delivered globally to date. However, as Paula Varndell-Dawes stated: “I would like to hope that we leave our Ipsen colleagues with a legacy of innovation.”

“Some of the trainers commented at the end of the event that the use of gamification for completing the exercises made such a difference to the energy and focus of our delegates, compared to other CRM meetings that they had run before.”

– Project Lead, Ipsen

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