Sales Activity Booster Use Mobile Apps and Leaderboards to boost your B2B Sales

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Visualize Activities – and Success will Follow


Equip your Sales Reps with our mobile application and let them register sales activities such as cold calls, sales meetings and elevator pitches. Each participant is ranked on a leaderboard, accessed from any web browser and easily projected on LCD screens in the office.

Let your salespeople pride themselves in their work by sharing their actions and success stories – so that your workplace gets the energy it deserves!

Get Live Feedback – For Immediate Gratification

Grown tired of waiting for the weekly Excel Sheet to be updated? We’ll make sure your accomplishments are showed off immediately!

Our apps work on all Smartphones, Tabs and Computers, and are constantly connected to the leaderboards that are visible on screens in the office.

Coach your Sales Force based on Sales AND Activity

Most workplaces are used to tracking sales figures, not sales activity. Start tracking activity and you’ll know where success comes from.

Are certain sales reps closing more deals than others? What are they doing right? Cross-reference the data and get on top of what works in your business!


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Our most challenging business game

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