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We are Culture & Values specialists – testing

We help companies bring the right Values and Behaviours to life

We help clients across the world communicate with staff in an entirely new way, using gamification, micro learning and the latest technology to create a truly involving experience.

Featured Activities

Deadline Business Game

Experience the importance of planning and attention to detail Read more

Pulse Surveys

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Escape Game Hacker Attack

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Breaking the Silos

Read more

Exploration Challenge

Discover a city's landmarks in a totally new way Read more

EDI Challenge

An Equality / Diversity / Inclusion training game Read more

Toolkit Líder

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Game Core Values

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10 Reasons to choose GreenHat


Digital to the core

Our solutions are scalable and easy to adapt


Track your entire project on live dashboards

Off-the-shelf packages

Wide range of products that can be tailored to your needs

Micro Learning

Perfectly adapted to fit with your existing meeting structures

People on the ground

We offer both onsite and DIY solutions

Any level

We can help out at any level in the organisation - including global roll-outs


We use gamification mechanisms and peer-2-peer learning for maximum engagement


1 Million users since 2007

About us

Green Hat People was founded in Sweden in 2007 by three managers from FMCG industry rivals P&G and Unilever. The founders saw a need to shake up the strict corporate environments they had left and boost employee engagement. By using new mobile technology and game mechanisms, they saw a potential to achieve better results, fast and with scale. Green Hat People is now present in seven countries, with a team of 35 people dedicated to gamifying activities, facilitating active meetings and embedding culture & values in a engaging way for our clients.  More than 1,000 corporations and 800,000 employees have experienced our solutions, achieving a recommendation rate of 97%.

How we can help you improve Employee Engagement

Culture & Values

Launch or Reignite Culture & Values

Team Development

Building a stronger team culture

Company Meetings

Communicating a new strategy to staff


Culture First Onboarding programme

Business Training

Games to embed the message

Case studies

100's of examples to save you time

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Our Offering

Core Values Game

Values are difficult to communicate. Core Values Game helps you make the values more tangible and connect them to your employees’ every day work life in an engaging way. A perfect launch product that can be rolled out worldwide. Read more

Onboarding Activities

Research shows that the first 3 months are crucial for engaging and retaining new employees. We help engage your employees right from day 1 with our Onboarding Game and Onboarding Days package. Read more

Strategy Launches

Starting at the company meeting, our proven format gets the buy-in you want from every single participant. All digital, we utilise the latest technology and peer-2-peer learning to get maximum engagement and understanding. Read more

Breaking the Silos

Breaking the Silos is a fun and challenging game where you have to be creative and good at working together, both within the team as well as with the opponents. Optionally the game can be customised to include company-specific topics, creating a natural bridge to your internal objectives. Read more

Deadline Business Game

Want your employees to experience the importance of planning and attention to detail? Deadline is an entertaining but useful scenario game that has your team focus on goals and teamwork, perfect to include between conference sessions. Read more

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