ViewPipe Take your meeting participants from passive listensers to active contributors

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ViewPipe is a simple app that lets conference participants share their thoughts through writing and polls

Engage your audience

Let your conference participants be part of the meeting and share their thoughts. There's no hassle, no registering and no sharing with the outside world. This sparks immediate audience engagement and gives you insights like never before.


What is it for?
  • Collect expectations and questions days ahead of the meeting
  • Let the audience take an active role by sending comments or questions
  • Follow up on actions afterwards - no more Post it notes.
How Does It Work?

1. Download An App - Participants are asked to download a simple app from Google Play/AppStore and use it to write and send anonymous messages.

2. The Messages Show Up In Your Feed - All messages are shown in a simple list where you can search for phrases, select specific messages that stand out, download to Excel and much more.

3. Made For You - Planning an event is a time-consuming endeavour, and things need to work. ViewPipe is designed with simplicity and trust in mind; it will take you minutes to get started, it's impossible to misunderstand and it works, every time.

Why choose our event app?

We focus on being the simplest solution available. No fancy features that no one uses, just the important stuff - a text field and a big SEND button.



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