About Us We are a People Engagement Provider

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We help clients Communicate, Train and Embed Change in a new, more engaging way. We use Gamification, Micro learning and the latest technology to achieve results faster.

Client challenges we help address


- Launch and embed new Core Values & Behaviours

- Build a stronger team culture

- Communicate new initiatives to staff or customers

- Launch a new Strategy

- Create an exciting Onboarding programme

- Making corporate meetings digital, fun and measurable


About us

Green Hat People was founded in Sweden in 2007 by managers from FMCG industry rivals P&G and Unilever. The founders saw a need to shake up the strict corporate environments they had left and boost employee engagement. By using new mobile technology and game mechanisms, they saw a potential to achieve better results, fast and with scale. 

Green Hat People is now present in seven countries, with a team of 35 people dedicated to launching new initiatives, improving corporate meetings and embedding Culture & Values in a more engaging way for our clients. More than 8,000 corporations and 1,000,000 employees have experienced our solutions, achieving a recommendation rate of 97%.


How we do it

Our methodology is to take the target audience from passive listeners to active contributors, to achieve better results. We do this in a ground breaking way, using gamification mechanisms, peer-2-peer learning and the latest technology.

Why choose us?


Digital to the core - Our solutions are scalable and easy to adapt

Measurable - Track your entire project on live dashboards

Off-the-shelf packages - Wide range of products that can be tailored to your needs

People on the ground - We offer both onsite and DIY solutions

Any level - We can help out at any level in the organisation - including global roll-outs

Engagement - We use gamification mechanisms and peer-2-peer learning for maximum engagement

Experience - More than 1 million users worldwide


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