More Team Building Games and Solutions

The energiser game that's all about music

Music Experience

A fun quiz game that covers music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s. As the music is played out loud, the teams compete in solving music trivia. Run it as an icebreaker at your meeting or to boost drinks and dinner. The perfect short team building event.

2x15 min.
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100 Scavenger Hunt Challenges - Our Top Seller!

Green Hat Challenge

Green Hat Challenge is a fun-filled, challenging Scavenger Hunt type game that lets you use your creativity and work as a team. Solve missions like taking pictures, finding places, trivia or collaborating with other teams. A good strategy is key to winning. Can be run anywhere.

1-2 hours
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Discover a city's landmarks in a totally new way

Exploration Challenge

Exploration Challenge combines strategic thinking with creative problem solving while seeing your city’s greatest landmarks in a fun way! We’ll customise the team building game with fun location based missions to wherever you want.

1-3 hours
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Strategy meets Wall Street

Wheel & Deal

The team building experience where the participant’s skills in planning and trading is a big deal! Every team starts out with a few limited resources, but through smart trading and choosing a wise strategy they can make the portfolio grow and grow. Price £40 pp.

90 min
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The high tech team building energiser

Code Break

A quick and entertaining team building energizer for those who need a breather between conference sessions. In Code Break, participants are challenged to find codes that are hidden inside or outside the venue.

30-45 min.
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