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Experience the importance of planning and attention to detail

Deadline Business Game

Deadline is a business team building game that has your team focus on goals and teamwork. Your task is to help a fashion company plan the production of clothes. Great for team development.

90 minutes
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Learn to think like your customers

Customer Centricity Workshop

Help your employees think out of a customer perspective, share insights with each other and come up with innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Understanding goals and getting to work

Goals and Activities Workshop

Reach employee understanding and engagement on goals and objectives with interactive tools, dialogue and peer-to-peer learning.

Shape up collaboration by solving problems together

Cooperations Workshop

Obtain important theoretical insights on cooperation and provide a basis for increased organizational collaboration among co-workers.

Our most challenging business game


Deadline is a challenging business case where you and your colleagues are dropped into a high-pressure situation – beat the obstacles you face, complete the assignment in the limited time allowed.