Goals and Activities Workshop Understanding goals and getting to work

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Use this workshop at your conference or event to get employee understanding and engagement on goals and objectives

We use interactive tools to trigger a dialogue around the goals set out by management, and help your co-workers discuss and identify concrete steps towards the realization of those goals.

1. Videos and humour gears focus in the right direction

The workshop is initiated by a number of both entertaining and serious videos that shed light on the importance of goal setting and tangible activities that lead to goal-attainment.

A guided discussion exercise enables individuals to help each other understand the What and the Why with regards to your organizational goals.

2. Have they understood? Our dialogue tools will give you the answer

Throughout the exercise, teams are asked to write summaries and clarifications of their discussions and send them in using the tablet. Management looks through incoming answers during the workshop, leading to a guided dialogue held from stage in the middle of the workshop.

If necessary, discussions are initiated in order to reach better consensus and understanding.

3. Think in terms of activities, not results

Puzzles and quizzes are used to train and teach the teams in understanding the difference between goals (the result of my work) and activities (my work, what I do).

Individuals are asked to write down activities that they can begin once back at work, and interesting activities are noted and fed back to the audience from stage.

4. Brainstorm

Finally, the teams engage in creative idea generation and are asked to send their best ideas using the tablet.

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