More Workshops and Business Games

Shape up collaboration by solving problems together

Cooperations Workshop

Obtain important theoretical insights on cooperation and provide a basis for increased organizational collaboration among co-workers.

Learn to think like your customers

Customer Centricity Workshop

Help your employees think out of a customer perspective, share insights with each other and come up with innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Activate and move around participants at expos and events


Get closer contact with the content of exhibitions and stands in a fun and engaging way. Customized to suit your agenda and needs.

Turn your sustainability policy into reality

Sustainability Game

A great way to transform your Sustainability Strategy into practical, applicable methods for your employees.

Want to create an exciting launch? Core Values Game is the perfect tool to present and launch a new set of values. By using a game format we help transform your values and behaviours into tangible, fun exercises. The game is played in groups of 3-6 people, using a game board and tablets.