Customer Centricity Workshop

Learn to think like your customers

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Our Customer Centricity Workshop will help your employees think out of a customer perspective, share insights with each other and come up with innovative solutions to real customer problems

We’ll guide your co-workers in an interactive workshop where they share experiences and gain insights about your customers’ problems and challenges.

This workshop is designed specifically for company meetings. Our consultants will deliver each module at your premises or booked venue. Prices will vary depending on if you choose all or some of the modules listed below.

1. Warming up before the event (15 min)

One week prior to the staff meeting, a personal sms containing a link to a web application is sent to each participant: ”Hi Jim, the Management Meeting is one week away and we need your input on a few things. Click the link before tomorrow 5pm, it’ll take no more than 15 minutes.”


The web app contains:

  • A short quiz regarding customer centricity
  • Two videos that introduce the concept of customer centricity
  • Questions about your own customer experiences along with expectations of the meeting
  • 1-2 more open questions to collect input from the participants
2. Understanding Customer Centricity (65 min)

An interactive workshop containing videos, presentations and game-like tasks will help the participants truly understand what Customer Centricity is. The contents are:

  • Videos explaining theories and latest research in the field
  • Gamified case studies of successful companies and the consequences of falling behind
  • Customer Centricity Code Break – An indoor/outdoor activity aimed at gathering insights from peers

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A second workshop will focus on understanding Customer Centricity at a B2B-level:

  • Understanding why B2B is more complex than B2C
  • “Dream Outcome” and “Challenger Sales” workshop – Understanding how to become a great salesperson
3. Discuss what you’ve learned and apply it to your work (65 min)


A presentation from stage lets participants connect Customer Centricity to their line of work. Interactive workshops will be mixed into the presentation to create engaging group discussions and sharing best practice.

  • What are your thoughts on what has been presented?
  • How can the new knowledge help you in your line of work?
  • What can we start doing differently on Monday?

Reflections from group work will be shared with the audience in an interactive, dialogue-based setup. Answers are displayed on a feed, results are discussed/commented, the mike is passed around.

4. The Customer Centricity Culture Game (90 min)


A gamified experience where game boards and tablets are used. The aim of the game is twofold; to look at what behaviour is right in terms of being customer centric, and to look at what actions can be done to become more customer centric.

The game is made up of three elements:

  1. Fun trivia questions to allow for a bit of fun and competition
  2. Questions about tangible actions that can be implemented in the organization asap.
  3. Short case studies with dilemmas. Realistic situations when the right course of action is not easily decided. The teams either choose from four alternatives or come up with a free text solution.

The game is rounded off with a quiz on what the teams have learned.

5. Customer Centricity quiz (15 min)

A web application is sent to each participant after the event containing a quiz on key learnings to check that people are onboard and still understand the theories.

6. Making it happen – 1 Week Booster


A gamified employee engagement competition is implemented to drive action after the meeting. Each participant logs customer centric activities using their smartphone. For a week, all employees compete against each other in how customer centric they are, based on real activities, performed in the field.

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