Cooperations Workshop Shape up collaboration by solving problems together

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Our Cooperation Workshop gives your co-workers important theoretical insights on cooperation and provides a basis for increased organisational collaboration

According to Harvard Business Review, coordination and cooperation is one of the main obstacles to strategy execution (source).

Our collaborative workshop helps you reach better cooperation in a few simple steps:

1. A Short Ice Breaker to get the discussion going

The exercise begins with teams discussing and submitting suggestions on how to achieve better results in an engaging topic, such as Up-selling or Customer Satisfaction. This part of the workshop is often customised to suit your theme, please ask our consultants about it.

2. The theory behind cooperation and current experiences

Easy going films with theories of cooperation help groups gain insights on what makes an organisation effective in cooperation.

The presented topics trigger group discussions where employees share experiences and talk about what works well in the organisation, and what can be improved.

3. Easy going and fun cooperative exercises

Cooperative skills in each team are set to the test with the help of fun problem solving exercises conducted by the teams, both between individuals in single teams, and between teams. References are continually made to the previous theories and discussions, so as to gain a deeper understanding of what the collaborative theories mean in practice.

4. Feedback and next steps

A positively oriented group discussion is held where teams are asked to come up with tangible suggestions on how to succeed better in cooperation. Action points are written down and formally decided upon, and next steps are documented.

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