Done right, a meeting can force new ways of thinking and interacting. But even your most dedicated employees will switch off after hours of long lectures in the same seat.

We activate and involve employees – no more passive spectators in darkened auditoriums!

We  embed two-way communication, active listening and immersive participation and deliver premium content, tailored specifically to your needs.

Get ready to play at your meetings and events

Whether it’s rolling out a new  strategy or embedding corporate values, gamifying and workshopping your challenge will get you better results, faster.

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Our Workshops and Business Games

Embed interactivity throughout your whole meeting

Agenda Game – Active Learning for Meetings

We take your meeting audience from passive spectators to engaged participants, and get your message across in the most effective way possible.

Like a Twitter feed, but all kept internally for your conference


ViewPipe helps you generate greater participation and engagement at meetings and conferences. We’re inspired by Twitter, but have simplified the concept – for maximum opinion sharing, all kept internally.

Step 2 - The Core Values Game

Launch your Values and Behaviours

Want to create an exciting launch? Core Values Game is the perfect tool to present and launch a new set of values. By using a game format we help transform your Values and Behaviours into tangible, fun exercises. The game is played in groups of 3-6 people, using a game board and tablets.

Help your employees understand digitization

Digital Transformation Game

Help your employees understand what digitization means for your business and why their knowledge and participation is critical to success.

90 min
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Turn your sustainability policy into reality

Sustainability Game

A great way to transform your Sustainability Strategy into practical, applicable methods for your employees.

Experience the importance of planning and attention to detail

Deadline Business Game

Deadline is a business team building game that has your team focus on goals and teamwork. Your task is to help a fashion company plan the production of clothes. Great for team development. Price £55 pp.

90 minutes
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Learn to think like your customers

Customer Centricity Workshop

Help your employees think out of a customer perspective, share insights with each other and come up with innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Activate and move around participants at expos and events


Get closer contact with the content of exhibitions and stands in a fun and engaging way. Customized to suit your agenda and needs.