Launch your Culture, Values and Behaviours The Core Values Game

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How to create an exciting launch

Values can be difficult to communicate. Core Values Game is the perfect tool to present and launch a new set of values. By using a game format we help transform your values and behaviours into tangible, fun exercises. The game can easily be rolled out across your entire organisation afterwards.

About Core Values Game

This Core Values exercise is played in groups of 3-6 people, using a game board and tablets. The backbone of the game is a number of realistic case studies that are customised to your reality. When the values are set in the participants' own context, the understanding is much higher. We have a data bank of +100 case studies for your inspiration.

Peer-2-Peer learning and Live feedback

We believe that a game, played in small groups, is the best way to communicate values. Lively group discussions help people align their views of what the values mean.

See live throughout the game what participants think and feel and how they interpret the values. Based on the live data, you can provide feedback immediately and clarify your message.

Short lead times

We can have a bespoke Values Game ready to be deployed in about a week.




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The building blocks of the Core Values Game

Involve early

Send a web app via text or email to your employees one week before the game asking for input. Analyze the data and understand how they perceive the values.

Run the game at a company meeting or road show

Using a customised game board and Samsung Tablet, the game is played in groups of 3-6 people. There are a number categories in the game, including quizzes and dilemmas to provoke intense group discussions. The game takes between 60-90 minutes plus time for debrief.  The game can be run anywhere in the world, with our staff or self-managed.



As soon as the game starts, all the answers to the questions we pose on the tablets come in live to our servers. The data feed is very user friendly and is designed for quick analysis. During the game you spend time choosing the bits you think are important and can prepare for the debrief that takes place right afterwards. During debrief, the data can be shown on a screen and really helps to drive good discussions, sharing of best practices and reinforcement of your message.

Roll out across the organisation

Simple and efficient - We have a long experience of facilitating roll-outs, nationally and globally. The games can easily be run self managed by you, as a road show or with remote support.

On any device - Choose whatever suits you; laptops, smart phones or tablets. Distribution is simple – just email a link. The game starts by clicking on it.

Live feedback - Follow your roll-out live on dashboards to track who has played and how your organisation responds to your message.


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Case Studies

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Why choose the Core Values game?

In contrast to traditional static business games, our Core Values exercise provides dynamic, technological solutions that are highly customisable to your vision. You are best at identifying your core values; we are best at helping you implement them.

We create tangible, understandable values exercises

The challenge of integrating core values to operations is that these are usually fairly vague. Our approach involves analysing how these fit into the overarching business plan and breaking them down into smaller, much more tangible exercises.

Participating in Core Values game allows employees to align company culture with the desired core values. This is achieved by utilising illustrative examples that can later be used as a template in the decision making process.

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Gamification techniques ensure engagement and effectiveness using game boards, tablets and live feedback
We use quizzes to get people in the right mood
We challenge the teams about the values to initiate lively discussions
The core of the game; customised case studies and dilemmas that make the values really tangible

Technology that always works

Our proprietary technology is purposely built for company meetings


Large Meetings

We have a long experience of engaging very large audiences.  Ask us for case studies


Run it anywhere in the world - even online


Attentive Staff


Our staff hand out tablets, offer technical support and manage the data feed



Want to know more?

Book a 30 minute slot online, at a time convenient for you, with one of our consultants.



Do you want to learn more about Core Values and examples of how to implement values?

There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to values. Simply choosing six flashy values and printing a brochure won't cut it. Getting it right can make a huge impact on your organization but it takes effort.

To quote the Harvard Business Review: If you’re not willing to accept the pain real values incur, don’t bother going to the trouble of formulating a values statement. You’ll be better off without one. Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones.

See below some links to interesting reading about core values and examples of companies actually implementing and living them.

Make Your Values Mean Something - Harvard Business Review

Values matter in BUSINESS more than ever as Ikea have found out - Business Zone

Around 1.5 hours excluding debrief, but it can be adapted
Yes, ask for our DIY solutions
Around 1-2 weeks
Yes, projects start from £3000
No, but we have a minimum cost
Webapps, tablets, laptops – depending on location and need

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