Do you want to implement change in an Engaging way?

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We design workshops that are digital, measurable and engaging

Launch change in a modern and participative way

When rolling out a change programme the good old PowerPoint marathon doesn't cut it. We help out by adding fun and interactive group discussions and exercises to your workshops, using tablets or laptops.

Live Feedback

Throughout the workshops you can track what participants think and feel and how they interpret the message. Based on the live data, you can provide feedback immediately and clarify your message.

How it works

You run your workshop pretty much as before. The difference is that we insert short interactive sessions in-between slides at the appropriate moment. The sessions typically contain questions that we want the groups to discuss and respond to. We might also insert dilemmas, quizzes, videos, case studies etc and make sure every single participant is active.

Short lead times

We can digitize your content and have it ready for roll-out in less than a week. Typically we start with a pilot for a few managers and then follow up with a company wide launch.

Group discussion is what drives engagement

Peer-2-Peer learning is the best way to get the message across and get an acceptance for news way of working. Nothing beats peers explaining to each other how and why they should to start acting differently.

Engage the participants early and get useful data

We recommend sending a web app via text or email to the participants a week before the session. Ask them questions, let them share opinions, quiz them. Analyze the data live and get a good understanding of your team's current status.


What do we need from you?

We fully customise the workshop to your needs. To save time we have a large data bank of questions that can be used for inspiration. 


The workshops are run using Samsung Tablets that are provided to you. You can choose if you want us to facilitate the workshops or if you want to roll out the programme on your own. Most clients prefer us to be present at the first 2-3 sessions and then take over themselves. 

Debrief and feedback to the teams

As soon as the workshop starts, data comes in live to our servers. The data feed is very user friendly and is designed for quick analysis. Either feedback straight away after each session or choose the bits you think are important and prepare for a longer debrief that takes place afterwards. During debrief, the data can be shown on a screen and really helps driving good discussions, sharing best practices and reinforcing your message.


  • Gamification techniques and quizzes ensures engagement and effectiveness
  • We challenge the teams to initiate vivid discussions
  • Our proprietary technology is purposely built for Workshops and Meetings


Understand more about Green Hat People before you order: Read about the benefits of interactivity, our technical platform and how we design games and workshops

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