Five Tips – How to make the 2018 kick off Meeting more Engaging

Author: Erik Sandgren

  Do you want more Engaging Meetings in 2018? Follow the five simple tips above to make it happen. Or get in touch with us to find out more!   Get in touch with us today! > Read how to create Audience Engagement > Read about Energizing your team > Read about gamifying a topic with […]

Top five tips: Make your January meeting all about energy and buy-in

Author: Georgie Mann

  1. Begin with the end. Do you have clear meeting objectives? What is important, do you want to focus on understanding of the message, or stronger buy-in, participant contribution or sharing of best practice? 2. How to communicate? Does your communication strategy match your objectives? Complement PowerPoint with breaks outs, group discussion and training […]

gamification in business training

How to use Gamification in Business Training

Author: Georgie Mann

How does gamification vastly improve business training and why? Games have become increasingly popular as young people who have been brought up with them, filter into the marketplace. Gamification in business training is therefore making a significant and unprecedented impact on businesses, financially, on training outcomes and importantly in employee engagement. Gamification: A Game Changer […]


Venue Hire-5 common mistakes to avoid

Author: Georgie Mann

Georgie Mann of Green Hat recently met with Benjy Meyer, CEO and co-founder of VenueScanner, to discuss the challenge of discovering and booking the right venue for your next team away day. Here’s Georgie’s write up… I’ve seen it time and time again… a team away day or end of year offsite event where the […]

Culture & Behaviour training

How to Change Business Culture & Behaviour

Author: Georgie Mann

Win Hearts, Change Minds, Go Viral! What comes first the culture or the behaviour? Just like the chicken and egg dilemma, trying to change a business’ culture can seem like trying to turn a tanker around at sea.  Changing behaviour often seems as impossible, because of the influence of the culture bearing down. So where […]

active learning for business meetings and training

Is active learning the answer to employee boredom?

Author: Georgie Mann

  Steve Hemsley from Media Planet  – Business and Industry, interviewed me last week and below is his great article. Is active learning the answer to employee boredom? FUTURE OF WORK How do you liven up meetings and training sessions? Employee engagement expert Georgie Mann, says the answer is to get staff more involved.   […]

Creative sales training

How to Tap into Sales Teams Creativity and Utilise it in your Business

Author: Georgie Mann

Create Time to be Creative Sales and the word ‘creativity’ are not often seen together. But they should be. Creativity has never been more necessary in the world of sales than today. Sales teams that are immersed in an environment that supports creativity, are more likely to discover new ways to find business, develop fresh […]


5 Rules to Ensure Your Icebreakers Don’t Become Icemakers

Author: Georgie Mann

  It’s your first team meeting with your new colleagues and you are wanting to be seen in the best possible light, but the team leader has other ideas. Handed a toothpick and a mini doughnut, you have the unfortunate task to get up close and personal by having to pass it, without using your […]

Employee game based training

Don’t spend any more money on employee training until you have read this ….

Author: Georgie Mann

Training is phenomenally expensive when it doesn’t make a difference to your company’s performance. If training your employees in the most cost effective way possible is an absolute must, then this article from Forbes makes compelling reading. Information overload is a modern training dilemma as people’s attention spans have decreased. Hi my name is Georgie […]

active learning

Active learning dramatically increases your training budget ROI

Author: Georgie Mann

Every business wants to skyrocket their training return on investment Below are extracts from an article by Jen Roberts about the behaviours that help do just that, but I want to focus in on one key sentence, ‘learners forget 90% of what they hear in just 2 weeks unless it is reinforced’. That is a […]

game-based learning

Why Game-Based Learning Will Solve Your Training Needs

Author: Georgie Mann

One question we get asked a lot is “Do business games really work? The short answer is “yes” and we want to show you how game-based learning will solve your training needs, in the longer, more complex answer. Whilst carrying out business games, like Prepworld’s games based on emergencies and disasters, it is known that […]

Do you need to improve your employees’ deadline performance?

Author: Georgie Mann

Read how this can be easily achieved with a cutting-edge short business game by Georgie Mann CEO Green Hat People We live in a highly time pressured world with hundreds of different priorities vying for our attention. Strict time limits and deadlines can be motivating and exciting or they can cause stress, which can adversely […]

Employee learning and development is now a critical ingredient for business success

Author: Georgie Mann

‘How to effectively provide learning and development for employees through integrated bespoke business games is our speciality’ says Green Hat People. We customise Business Games for your challenges This excellent article by Dominika Syper outlines the necessity for all businesses now to invest heavily in their employees. The cost of not investing in effective employee […]

Team building

Grow Your Business Through Team Building

Author: Georgie Mann

‘To Grow Your Business, Focus on Team Building’ say Green Hat People Like TeamBonding, we provide team building training, but we use bespoke training technology games adapted to each company’s needs. The benefits of team building can be felt throughout every area of your business. The article below outlines why building strong teams helps your […]

employee development

Is Your Employee Development Broken?

Author: Georgie Mann

This is an excellent article from Entrepreneur magazine concerning critical errors when designing training and development for employees which leaves them mostly unengaged. The first is lack of direction and Green Hat People couldn’t agree more with Andre Lavoie ‘If possible, customize the learning materials so that the wording and examples used reflect your company’s […]

What Will Define Team Building in the Next 10 Years?

Author: Georgie Mann

We are all aware that employee development and team building within the modern business is now defined by the increasingly important role of technology. While traditional techniques are indeed still applicable, we have witnessed a paradigm shift into virtual learning and development alongside more streamlined methods of team building. One interesting concept is what has […]

5 questions for Georgie Mann

Author: Georgie Mann

One week ago, our energetic director Georgie Mann gave an interview to Claire Trévien from Passle. Why is gamification of learning so special and how to facilitate team work: here are 5 questions for Georgie.  Gamification is a big part of what we do at Passle, so when I found out about Green Hat People, a company […]

active learning

10 Ways to Promote Active Learning During Business Meetings

Author: Georgie Mann

  People learn best when they are not simply sitting and passively taking in information, but when they are actively engaged in the learning process. So called ‘active learning’ should be an integral part of any business meeting, and below you will find 10 tips for integrating active learning into your meetings.   Structured debates: […]

Corporate values: how to bring them to life?

Author: Georgie Mann

written by Kathy Hayman, Director of Green Hat People UK  Establishing core values for a company is as important as having a brand because they define the company’s culture and character and hence the behaviour of its employees. However, having established them, here comes the hard part – embedding these values into your employee culture. […]

learning through business games

How games influence employees’ learning potential

Author: Georgie Mann

  What makes a team great?   Leaders everywhere struggle with the question of how to get their teams to not only work together, but to bond and become greater than the sum of their parts. However, the secret to team building always seemed more art than science; the luck of the draw. But according to research carried out by […]

10 Benefits of Business Gamification

Author: Georgie Mann

Gamification, the art of turning everyday tasks into fun challenges that offer rewards, has been taking the business world by storm. Here are ten reasons every business owner should be looking at gamification.   1. Boost learning Persuading staff to take online training and tests can be difficult, and many employees won’t remember what they’ve […]