Start By Asking Yourself These Questions

  • Would you enjoy the challenge of bringing a new brand to the UK?
  • Do you have great B2B Sales and Marketing experience?
  • Have you got good organisational skills and an outgoing personality?
  • Are you hard working and self-motivated?
  • Do you have the ability to invest time, effort and finances into this opportunity?
  • Above all else, do you want to build a profitable and long-term business for yourself?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we suggest you keep on reading.

Who We’re Looking For

What’s most important if you want to be successful in driving this business is to understand that it will require meeting clients. Lots of them.

We Bring Concepts And Systems, Tried And Tested

The nice thing about our concepts is that we’ve been refining them to perfection for eight years by testing them on thousands of conference participants.

So the technical platform, the workshop and game content and the checklists and manuals are all ready. All you have to do is find the people who need them.

We’re Not From The UK

We’re from Sweden, so one thing we can’t really bring to the table is business contacts and feet on the ground, and that’s where you come in.

Are you hungry? Do you want to hit the streets and start spreading the word? Do you like sales? Then you might be the person we’re looking for.

Personality And Experience

You’re a Challenger

You like new things and recognize that the world of corporate events needs something new and fresh. You want to challenge your customers and help them understand that they need to activate their employees in fresh, exciting ways.


You Are Systematic

You understand that there is a proven formula and are willing to learn and apply it to your own market in a systematic, step by step process.

You’ve Got The Contacts

You already know people in the events industry or in large corporations that might be interested in hearing more about activated meetings.

You’re Gonna Hit The Streets

You value sales, not talking about sales. You are a profoundly action-oriented person that enjoys results, and you don’t mind delegating things like operations or accounting to specialists.

What You Will Do

You will be introducing our Workshops, Business Games and Team Building Activities to businesses ranging from Multi-Nationals to small local companies following the tried and tested marketing and sales processes.


You’ll Be Involved in Delivery Also

Especially at first, you will be closely involved in the delivery of these services by managing the activities at the actual meetings and conferences. This will give you the opportunity to identify and respond to any other issues that might give opportunities for further sales.

We’ll Make Sure You Get Training And Support

You will benefit from the comprehensive training, support, advice and guidance based on our track record in Scandinavia. This will include both initial training and ongoing training in the UK and Sweden and on-the-ground support in managing your first delivery.

It’s A Large Market Out There

The products and services that we offer can be utilised by both small businesses and large corporates, giving you a great market to target.

Ready to read more?

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